All about me / Work History



All of the images on this site were taken by me. I started exploring with drones a few years ago and enjoy taking pictures/videos of any kind of landcapes. I have travled to take take pictures all around the country. Recently I started with FPV drones which is controled with a visual headset.


Family / Friends

I enjoy spending plenty of time with my family and friends. I am not one to ever miss a holiday or event. My family has tought me the values of hardwork and dedication. We love to travel and watch football games.



I have played videogames for pretty much all of my life. I started off playing Call Of Duty as a kid then getting myself sucked into the void of League of Legends that I have played for over 5 years.

Work History

2013 - 2016

Cedar Fair -
Catering Supervisor

Kansas City, MO-
Started this job in highschool and after about a year and a half was promoted to superior adventually making my way to lead supervisor of the team. My job consisted of keeping tack of invetory and making supply orders as needed, Creating employee schedules, and making sure the customers were satisfied.

2016 - 2018

AT&T -
Network Technician

Independence, MO-
My day to day at this job was to install/troubleshoot a customers internet services. I would do things such as climb telephone poles to connect cables, wire map a building to make sure the service will reach all needed areas, comunicate with customers to be aware of any current or possible issues.


Perfect Turf -
Hardscapes Foreman

Kansas City, MO-
I worked this job for a summer. I started as one of the truck drivers hauling trailers and helping with hardscapes. After a few months adventually earning a promotion to a foreman with my own crew. My team and I would do task much as planting, building patios, decritive walls and various maintanence

2019 - 2021

Cox Automotive -
Technical support

Lee's Summit, MO-
At this job I was part of a support team to assist dealerships with the most effective way to set filters to manage their customers scheduling automtove services. I would also assist with traning the new empolyees all the key fetures of the application and how they work.